“I don’t think a tough question is disrespectful.”
~ Helen Thomas

Betsy Mueller

Britomart Associates is an exclusive talent agency specializing in placing television journalists at both the local and network levels since 1996.

Elisabeth Britomart Mueller (Betsy) is known for her integrity and her tenacity; she is a well-respected agent in the broadcast news industry.  Throughout her career, she has cultivated strong relationships with the decision makers of the industry. She understands what they want, and as a result, has placed many clients in the top 30 markets and national networks. 

In 1985, Betsy began her career working for a small law firm in Washington, DC which focused on media representation.  During her 11-year tenure working under a broadcast attorney, she ran the local news placement division.  When it was time to leave her mentor, she established her own agency, adopting an “old school” style of caring, with a hands-on and pragmatic approach to helping journalists navigate the unpredictable waters of the news business. Betsy is candid and forthright in helping each of her clients adapt, grow and succeed at every level of their career. 

Based in Washington, DC, Britomart Associates is one of the last true boutique agencies left in media representation.