Often journalists look to an agent with blind faith, handing over their careers without even knowing whether their goals are in sync with the agent’s perspective.  The philosophy of Britomart Associates is simple; listen to the clients and do everything possible to make their career vision a reality.

The agency a journalist chooses is a direct reflection of his or her own reputation.  Therefore, it is vital that the agency be well-established, well-connected, readily available and dedicated to achieving their career goals.  With over thirty years experience, we have developed and maintained hundreds of industry contacts, making Britomart Associates a trusted source for on-air journalistic talent nationwide.

The investment a journalist makes in an agent is substantial and in return, the journalist should expect to be a priority and to receive a high level of assistance.  At Britomart Associates we work with a limited number of clients, which enables us to provide a more personalized and concentrated service.

Britomart Associates does not work with anyone without first fully assessing a potential client’s skill, their personal and professional desires, and the available opportunities. We paint a clear and candid perspective of the client’s capabilities and potential; and then work closely with the client to improve their chances for placement, negotiate a solid contract, and provide continuous support through the term of their broadcast agreement.

Finally, we are committed to working with clients who are dedicated to the excellence of journalism.